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Neurobiology of Neocortex

Edited by Pasko Rakic and Wolf Singer

Published by John Wiley & Sons  in 1988 and used here with permission of the publisher.

1 - Introduction - PDF

P. Rakic and W. Singer

2 - Intrinsic and Extrinsic Determinants of Neocortical Parcellation: A Radial Unit Model - PDF

P. Rakic

3 - Variations in Visual Cortex Organization in Primates - PDF

J. Allman

4 - Cortical Representational Plasticity - PDF

M. M. Merzenich, G. Recanzone, W. M. Jenkins, T. T. Allard, and R. J. Nudo

5 - Principles of Cortical Network Organization - PDF

C. von der Malsburg and W. Singer

6 - Development of Cortical Sensory Maps - PDF

J. H. Kaas

7 - Group Report: Principles of Cortical Self-Organization - PDF

M. P. Stryker, Rapporteur
J. Allman, C. Blakemore, J. M. Greuel, J. H. Kaas, M. M. Merzenich, P. Rakic, W. Singer, G. S. Stent, H. van der Laos (Moderator), T. N. Wiesel

8 - What Are the Local Circuits? - PDF

E. G. Jones

9 - Functional Properties of Neocortical Neurons - PDF

D. A. Prince and J. R . Huguenard

10 - Changing Concepts of Cortical Connectivity: Parallel Distributed Cortical Networks - PDF

P. S. Goldman-Rakic

11 - Functional Connections of the Visual Cortex Studied by CrossCorrelation Techniques - PDF

K. Toyama

12 - Group Report: Neuronal and Synaptic Organization in the Cortex - PDF

C. D. Gilbert, Rapporteur
J.- P. Bourgeois, R. Eckhorn, P. S. Goldman-Rakic, E. G. Jones (Moderator), J. Kruger, J. H. Luhmann, J. S. Lund, G. A. Orban, D. A. Prince, A. M. Sillito, P. Somogyi, K. Toyama , D. C. van Essen

13 - Anatomical Guides to the Functional Organization of the Visual Cortex - PDF

S. Zeki

14 - Dynamic Neuronal Operations within the Somatic Sensory Cortex - PDF

V. B. Mountcastle

15 - Motor and Visual-Motor Functions of the Premotor Cortex - PDF

G. Rizzolatti and M. Gentilucci

16 - Visual and Visual-Motor Functions of the Posterior Parietal Cortex - PDF

R. A . Andersen

17 - Single Neuron Activity in the Monkey's Prefrontal Cortex - PDF

C. J. Bruce

18 - What Does Single Unit Analysis in the Auditory Cortex Tell Us About Information Processing in the Auditory System? - PDF

N. Suga

19 - Group Report: General Principles of Cortical Operation - PDF

M. S. Cynader, Rapporteur
R. A . Andersen, C. J. Bruce, D. R. Humphrey, V. B. Mountcastle (Moderator), H. Niki, G. Palm, G. Rizzolatti, P. Strick, N. Suga, W. von Seelen, S. Zeki

20 - Arm Trajectory Planning and Execution: The Problem of Coordinate Transformation - PDF

E. Bizzi

21 - Interhemispheric Integration - PDF

M. S. Gazzaniga

22 - What Is the Role of General Activating Systems in Cortical Function? - PDF

F. E. Bloom

23 - Group Report: The Integrative Function of the Neocortex - PDF

S. L. Foote, Rapporteur
G. Berlucchi, E. Bizzi, FE. Bloom (Moderator), 0. Creutzfeldt,
M.S. Gazzaniga, C.G. Gross, Y.A. Lamour, B. Zernicki