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Trace Metals and Infectious Diseases

Edited by Jerome O. Nriagu and Eric P. Skaar

Published by MIT Press ISBN: 9780262029193

The Ernst Strüngmann Forum - PDF

1 - Introduction - PDF

Jerome O. Nriagu and Eric P. Skaar

Host–Microbe Interactions: The Microbe Perspective

2 - Is Metal Uptake Related to Ecological Niche in the Vertebrate Host? - PDF

Joseph Lemire, Trevor F. Moraes, Vahid Fa Andisi, and Anthony B. Schryvers

3 - Competition for Metals among Microbes and Their Host - PDF

Michael A. Bachman and Jeffrey N. Weiser

4 - The Fate of Intracellular Metal Ions in Microbes - PDF

Slade A. Loutet, Anson C. K. Chan, Marek J. Kobylarz, Meghan M. Verstraete, Stephanie Pfaffen, Bin Ye, Angel L. Arrieta, and Michael E. P. Murphy

5 - Common Mechanisms of Bacterial Metal Homeostasis - PDF

James A. Imlay

6 - Intervention Strategies for Metal Deficiency and Overload - PDF

Fudi Wang and Lihong Zhang

7 - Trace Metals in Host–Microbe Interactions: The Microbe Perspective - PDF

Jennifer S. Cavet, Robert D. Perry, Sascha Brunke, K. Heran Darwin, Carol A. Fierke, James A. Imlay, Michael E. P. Murphy, Anthony B. Schryvers, Dennis J. Thiele, and Jeffrey N. Weiser

Host–Microbe Interactions: The Host Perspective

8 - Metal Homeostasis during Development, Maturation, and Aging: Impact on Infectious Diseases - PDF

Inga Wessels

9 - Impact of Metals on Immune Response and Tolerance, and Modulation of Metal Metabolism during Infection - PDF

Günter Weiss

10 - Metal-Based Antiparasitic Therapeutics - PDF

Maribel Navarro and Gonzalo Visbal

11 - Impact of Lifestyle on Metal Exposure, Homeostasis, and Associated Diseases - PDF

George V. Dedoussis

12 - Obesity, Trace Metals, and Infection - PDF

Jerome O. Nriagu

13 - Metals in Host–Microbe Interaction: The Host Perspective - PDF

Dieter Rehder, Robert E. Black, Julia Bornhorst, Rodney R. Dietert, Victor J. DiRita, Maribel Navarro, Robert D. Perry, Lothar Rink, Eric P. Skaar, Miguel C. P. Soares, Dennis J. Thiele, Fudi Wang, Günter Weiss, and Inga Wessels

Metals in the Environment as Risk Factors for Infectious Diseases

14 - Selenium and Mercury: Their Interactions and Roles in Living Organisms - PDF

Tamara García-Barrera

15 - New Technologies Using Trace Metals of Concern - PDF

Jozef M. Pacyna, Kyrre Sundseth, and Elisabeth G. Pacyna

16 - The Promise of Nanometals: Reducing Infection and Increasing Biocompatibility - PDF

Mian Wang, Wenwen Liu, and Thomas J. Webster

17 - Metals in the Environment as Risk Factors for Infectious Diseases: Gaps and Opportunities - PDF

M. Leigh Ackland, Julia Bornhorst, George V. Dedoussis, Rodney R. Dietert, Jerome O. Nriagu, Jozef M. Pacyna, and John M. Pettifor

Methods and Technologies for Analyzing Trace Metals in Biological Systems

18 - Emerging Strategies in Metalloproteomics - PDF

Peter-Leon Hagedoorn

19 - Measuring Metals in Complex Biological Systems - PDF

Andreas Matusch, Ana-Maria Oros-Peusquens, and J. Sabine Becker

20 - Methods and Technologies for Studying Metals in Biological Systems - PDF

Wolfgang Maret, Joseph A. Caruso, Christopher H. Contag, David P. Giedroc, Peter-Leon Hagedoorn, Andreas Matusch, Eric P. Skaar, and Richard B. Thompson

List of Acronyms - PDF

Bibliography - PDF