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Rethinking Environmentalism

Linking Justice, Sustainability, and Diversity

Edited by Sharachchandra Lele, Eduardo S. Brondizio, John Byrne, Georgina M. Mace, and Joan Martinez-Alier

Published by MIT Press ISBN: 9780262038966

1 - Framing the Environment - PDF

Sharachchandra Lele, Eduardo S. Brondizio, John Byrne, Georgina M. Mace, and Joan Martinez-Alier

Forests and Other High-Diversity Ecosystems

2 - Conserving and Contesting Biodiversity in the Homogocene - PDF

Kent H. Redford and Georgina M. Mace

3 - Values, Incentives, and Environmentalism in Ecosystem Services - PDF

Peter A. Minang

4 - Frameworks for Biodiversity and Forests - PDF

Leticia Merino-Pérez, Esther Mwangi, Georgina M. Mace, Ina Lehmann, Peter A. Minang, Unai Pascual, Kent H. Redford, and Victoria Reyes-García

Urban Environments

5 - City Limits: Looking for Environment and Justice in the Urban Context - PDF

Amita Baviskar

6 - Nature of Cities and Nature in Cities: Prospects for Conservation and Design of Urban Nature in Human Habitat - PDF

Nancy B. Grimm and Seth Schindler

7 - Urban Environments and Environmentalisms - PDF

Xuemei Bai, Eduardo S. Brondizio, Robert D. Bullard, Gareth A. S. Edwards, Nancy B. Grimm, Anna Lora-Wainwright, Begüm Özkaynak, and Seth Schindler

Energy and Climate Change

8 - Social Movements for Climate Justice during the Decline of Global Governance: From International NGOs to Local Communities - PDF

Patrick Bond

9 - Reflections on the State of Climate Change Policy: From COP21 to Cities - PDF

Manfred Fischedick, John Byrne, Lukas Hermwille, Job Taminiau, Hans-Jochen Luhmann, Franziska Stelzer, and Daniel Vallentin

10 - Energy and Climate Change - PDF

Sun-Jin Yun, John Byrne, Lucy Baker, Patrick Bond, Götz Kaufmann, Hans-Jochen Luhmann, Peter D. Lund, Joan Martinez-Alier, and Fuqiang Yang


11 - Accounting for Water: Questions of Environmental Representation in a Nonmodern World - PDF

Margreet Zwarteveen, Hermen Smit, Carolina Domínguez Guzmán, Emanuele Fantini, Edwin Rap, Pieter van der Zaag, and Rutgerd Boelens

12 - Integrating Sustainability, Justice, and Diversity? Opportunities and Challenges for Inclusively Framing Water Research - PDF

Amber Wutich, Juan-Camilo Cardenas, Sharachchandra Lele, Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Felix Rauschmayer, Christian Schleyer, Diana Suhardiman, Heather Tallis, and Margreet Zwarteveen